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Hi everybody! If you’re here today, it’s probably because you’re staring at crystals and credits bars on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and see nothing. That’s great, we finally have a cheats for you!

You probably know about hacks and cheats because you are interested in the game, but as a reminder: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a freemium game. For those to whom the word sounds a little barbaric, the free mode allows any user possessing a device type smartphone or tablet to download a game called “free” non-paying for it.

Nevertheless, once the game is launched, it is easy to understand that in this apparent free mode hides a very sad reality: the game business. Indeed, publishers offer a range of paid and recurring options that may allow you rapid progression of the game, a nice gameplay, without limits.

In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the hack we offer to you today is very simple. It will allow you to increase your crystals and then you will be able to obtain as many credits as you need. Isn’t it amazing?

FYI, we are a team of geeks passionate about video games and computers. A few years ago we had the idea to create websites that would bring together the latest games released on smartphones and critical articles on access to these games. Later, the idea of designing a resource generators for all games came to mind and that is how gohcheats was born. We have many websites for more great and popular mobile games.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Master 140 characters from all Eras

The hack of crystals on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, what are the benefits?

  • Improve the weapons of your characters
  • Unlock objects and new characters
  • Upgrade your character faster
  • Play with confidence and without limitation of gameplay
  • Progress quickly in the game

The hack of crystals on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, what are the disadvantages?

  • If you find an argument, a reason, anything that justifies any inconvenience, please let us know as soon as possible by leaving a small comment, we will be very grateful.

How to use our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Crystals Cheats?

For the regular visitors no need to explain. You know how to do it. However, if you are new to us, it is highly likely that the rest of this article will be very useful. First, be aware that the generator is a tool that our team of developers designs itself and is then tested on several devices over few weeks.

The generator is available directly online and we host it on our own server to ensure maximum security. It acts like a transparent filter on your smartphone (or tablet) so that it is absolutely undetectable by the game system.

To use it, nothing more simple. First, go to the tool by clicking on the “Access the generator” button that you will find at the top of this article. Following this first step, you access the generator where you will be asked to indicate some details.

In order to authenticate your account, you must first provide the username or email address associated with your Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes account.

One of the last steps in the use of the generator is obviously to encrypt your resources by indicating the number of crystals you want to receive.

You are ready? Click on “Generate”!

Finally, last step, you must active our security system to make it unlimited by passing our security test. It is for the generator to recognize you as a human individual and not as a machine.

Everything is fine? See you soon on your Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes app to play and enjoy all your resources!

Assemble a fleet of iconic ships on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

However, by the way, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, what is it about?

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes IconReleased on the occasion of the very latest Star Wars (November 24, 2015), Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a role and strategy game where you will fight and collect the best characters. This collection will naturally allow you to build the best team.

Of course, each person has his special strength, his own statistics and his own fighting technique. It’s more of a Yu-Gi-Oh or Final Fantasy strategy game where you find yourself facing an opponent team to fight.

Overall, the universe is pretty well-respected even though the graphics are clearly signed Disney Production. In short, the game is far from arousing your darkest fears. Given the quantity of merchandising launched by Star Wars before and after the premiere of the film, you can easily imagine that the free mode is here rather obvious.

The evolution of characters is quite greedy resource, so you must regularly visit the application of the game to update or improve them.

You can totally unlock the “multi-player” mode in your options and share our great tool to your friends, colleagues, family! However, caution in your indiscretions, it is possible that your biggest opponents are already aware of this technique 😉

Have a nice time with your gaming partners gohcheats!

The GoH Chteats team!